Wednesday, May 20, 2015

With each morning getting cooler, it's just another reminder that winter is on it's way. And winter means one thing... flu season. I have been sick for almost a week now with a stomach bug, head aches, constantly tired, fevers and all things fun. So it seems quite necessary to do a post on how to prepare your body for flu season and how to get over being sick quicker!

Firstly, this is coming from someone who works in retail: if your are sick, please, don't come to work.  I repeat: please don't come to work! I'm sure your boss will understand that you need time off for being sick, instead of bringing it to work and poisoning the whole office. Get to know your cough, your sneezes, your systems and see a doctor. We all know what is healthy and not. 

There is nothing worse then the coughing- splattering- sneezing- eye watering- tap nose- flu. Especially when you have picked it up through other staff members, or worse, customers that think it's acceptable to come in when they sound like a horse. Last year I'm more then sure that I got the flu passed on to me when a mother told her small child with green snot running down into his mouth and covered their hands to "hand the lady your money". Charming. 

Olive leaf extract
Although it doesn't taste the best, olive leaf extract is amazing for fighting the flu. It's full of antioxidants that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial. When I feel like I'm getting sick I take a couple of teaspoons throughout the day and it always makes me feel better! And it fastens up the process of getting over the flu by building up the immune system. 
Vitamin C 
I think we all know that vitamin C is one of the best vitamins to take when you are getting sick. Vitamin C acts as a antihistamine and that helps to build up your immune system. As soon as you feel like you are getting sick, start to take some vitamin C or fresh orange. 
I always find that fresh juice lemon is the best when I am sick because there are so many things that lemon can do you for body. It boost your metabolism, it's a flue fighter, a fat burner, it clears the mucus from your throat and a lot more. It's perfect for making lemon, ginger and honey tea to sooth your throat and fresh juices with orange and lemon. When you are starting to feel sick or are sick, squeeze a fresh lemon and take a teaspoon several times a day.

We have all watched the scene in Brides Maids when the food poisoning kicks in and it's hilarious. But not so funny when it happens to you. I would say having an upset stomach is a lot worser than having a cold flu. It usually hits us at the worst of times leaving us in cringeworthy and helpless situation... And of course, it is horribly uncomfortable having to tell your boss, friends and even sometimes family why you are sick. Even though it is el' natural, theres something about telling someone (or even writing this) that feels slightly embarrassing. Usually it should only last 2-3 days, but if it continues see a doctors. Here are a few ways to help relieve your rumbling tummy and...

Make sure that you drink lots and lots and lots of water! Sports drinks like Hydrolytes and Poweraids are essential at a time like this. They replace the energy that you have lost from being dehydrated. The key is to drink a lot, but small sips.
Stick to boring foods. It's highly unlikely that you have an appetite, but you still need to try to eat. Think dry biscuits, white rice, boiled potato, toast... You can't have any of the yum things like dairy, caffeine, spices and the list goes on and on.

One word: water. Drink a huge amount of water, take a Panadol or two and if you can, find a dark and quite room and rest up. If you're at work, you might not get the option. Just try to keep hydrated. Theres not much else that you can do when your head feels like it is going to explode. Sometimes before you get a migraine you might see moving stars or lights in your eyes. I've had that happen before when I was extremely stressed and I thought I was going crazy... turns out I'm not and it's a real life thing. Google it. 

Oh, the joys of being a girl! Periods are horrible. I don't know about you, but I experience every possible mood that anyone could ever feel. One minute I'm laughing, the next I will be filled with anger, then you know, I might start to cry. It's damn right confusing for not only me, but for everyone I come in contact with. And that's not even getting started with the pimples. You have your period for every month an easy 30-40 more years, which is an insanely long time when you put it that way (sorry for the bad news). Lets say... if you have your period for the next 30 years that is another 360 periods waiting to happen. And if you have it for 5 days each month that's 1800 days! So it's seems pretty realistic to have a few solutions up your sleeve.

When you have muscle pain, you usually apply a heat lotion or an icepack to relax your muscles. Just like your period, using a heat pack, wheat bag, hot water bottle or a hot bath is essential to relieving pain.
I have always been told to exercise or go out for a walk because it releases good endorphins. In all honestly, whilst I'm on my period I couldn't think of anything worse. Theres something that feels wrong about the thought of jumping around whilst <insert your favourite period word here> is happening. But of course, exercise is one of the best things for you to help with stomach cramps.Yoga is probably the best option.
Medication like the Pill or over the counter pain relief is the best idea. It might take a while to find what is the right one or you, but it is defiantly worth it! I'm sure someone you know will know something great that will work for you, otherwise see your doctor or pharmacist will recommend you something that works.

I hope that this winter is kind to you and that you won't get sick from co-workers! If you have any suggestions of your own, comment in the box below. 

Emily x 

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