Healthy Treats: Ice blocks

Sunday, May 10, 2015

These ice blocks are simple, healthy and best of all cheap to make!

 They are perfect for hot days or nights when you are looking for a sweet treat. 

All you need is a ice block tray, 3 ingredients and freezing time. I can't explain how easy these are to make and the combinations are endless!

I bought these Ice block moulds for $2 from Kmart. 
I made all 3 at once for this post and one cup filled 4 of the moulds.
Each recipe listed below makes around one cup.

1 Cup of Yogurt
10-12 Almonds
Small handful of berries

1. Cut up the almond and berries into chunks
2. Mix together with the yogurt
3. Place into a ice block tray

Depending on the season you can use any of your favourite berry or frozen mix. 
You can use any flavour of yogurt and mix it up using different nuts such as walnuts, pistachio or macadamia nuts.

 Instead of using berries, make your own 'Weis Bar' with blended mango, chopped macadamia nuts and yogurt or coconut milk. Yum!
*and can easily be made using any smoothie recipe

Yogurt $6.50, Almonds around $24kg (only need a small handful), berries- prices change per season. 

*resembles a frosty fruit*

1/4 Cup of Pineapple
1 Tablespoon Passionfruit pulp
3/4 Cup Charlie's Lemon Quencher of lemonade

1. Cut up fresh or tinned pineapple into small chunks
2. Place the pineapple into the lemon quencher and add the tablespoon of passionfruit pulp
3. Place into a ice block tray, making sure that each ice block has equal amount of pineapple

This has to be my favourite one out of the three. 
It's so fresh, tangy and delicious!
 You can make these using fresh juice, fruit or the easy way with tinned fruit. Even mix it up with lemonade if that tickle your fancy!
 I used Charlie's lemon quencher as it makes the ice blocks tangy. 

Lemon quencher: $4 for 1.5L, passionfruit pulp $1.69, pineapple pieces $2

*resembles a chocolate Paddle Pop*

3/4 Coconut or almond milk
3 Tablespoons of Cocoa or drinking chocolate, milo ect. 

1. Mix the cocoa with the milk until it's all combined and freeze in a ice block tray

These are to resemble a healthy 'paddle pop'. 
I choose to use a bit more expensive drinking chocolate as it is so delicious and has little chocolate chunks in it... You can make these different flavoured sauces; caramel, strawberry, ect... or even using milo. It's that easy!
Vitasoy Coconut Milk $2, Henry Langdon drinking chocolate malt $14


E x 

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