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Friday, May 15, 2015

 I have been sitting at home for the 2 days because I have been off work sick. I have never enjoyed laying around the house, so of course, I have been bored out of my brain!! I've watched tv series after tv series to the point where I can't handle it any longer. I feel horrible and I look like a ghost so... I decided that I'm going to do something that I haven't done before... A makeup tutorial! 

Firstly, there a million different ways to do makeup. A lot of them are complex using high-end expensive cosmetics and applied using 20 different brushes. I have done a Napoleon Paradis one day makeup course before. It was really good... but I still have no idea what all those brushes do! I am also incredibly lazy when it comes to getting ready and doing my hair, so I find that simple and quick are the way to go! I start work at 6am in the morning and the last thing that I want to do is spend 2 hours doing makeup. I do this makeup everyday... it honestly take no more then 5 minutes. But of course, practise makes perfect. The more you do it, the faster you will get.

All prices listed are the full price that you can pick them up for at Priceline.

Firstly, here is a lovely before shot... As you can see I have a few pimples and looking super tired!
1. Pull your hair off your face with a head band or tie it up

2. Use your favourite foundation or concealer (whatever works best) and cover your face/ problem spots. I always just dab some over my pimples or under my eyes if I'm tired. I used Innoxa Natural Finish makeup in buttermilk - $28

3. Use Nude by Nature mineral cover and a big brush. Cover the powder all over you face making sure you cover every area like your eye lids, nose, neck ect... If you want a fuller coverage, keep applying powder till you reach your desire. Nothing compares to nude... it's all natural and isn't thick or cakey. Since I have discovered Nude about 2 years ago, I have never used anything else. I have replaced foundation with this magical product.
I used Nude in 'light' - $39.99

4. Fill in your eye brows... Use a pen or powder and start at the highest point of the eye brow (usually right above your pupil) and follow the hair line that ends at the end of your eye, drawing a straight line. Next, start at the start of your eyebrow and draw a straight line inwards towards your highest point. Follow the hair that means your centre and just colour in. It will take a while to get used to filling in your eyebrows. Everyone has a different shape too. If you're not sure what shape you have just google it!  
Or, you can skip this step if you don't like doing your eye brows. I have been doing mine for the past 3 or more years. I have tried so many products and powders trying to find the right one, especially the right colour since I am blonde. My favourite is Prestige Ultimate Brow Definer in 'Blondy' - $8.99

5. I used a eye brow gel and brushed it through my eyebrows to hold them in place (of course it's your own personal preference). It's Savvy Eyebrow Gel and is so cheap for only $4.99 

6. Use your favourite mascara and just apply to your lashes. You can curl your eye lashes before hand or do a couple of coats to make them look fuller and longer. I used Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume mascara and is $23.99

7. Use any blush and apply to the checks to your face. It helps if your smile. I used Cover Girl Clean Glow in Roses - $12.95

8. You're all done! I always apply whatever lip balm that I can find. Today I used Nude by Nature Lip gloss in Flirty - $9.95

And thats my everyday 5 minute makeup tutorial. It's so quick, simple and looks natural! 

Some of the products are quite pricey but I never by them for full price. I usually pick up most of my cosmetics at Pricelines twice a year 40% off sale. I used the Innoxa foundation only because it was free in a Priceline goodies bag... I am still on the journey to finding the perfect foundation. If you haven't yet noticed, I am a little bit obsessed with Priceline! 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Happy Friday!

E x

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