10 Ways To Save Money

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

As Carrie Bradshaw once said "I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet." I think that we can all put out hand up for being a shopping addict. But (theres always a but...) what if I told you that you can still shop AND still save money!

Saving money is the best thing in the world... It means that we can go on a holiday sooner, or buy the shoes you've always wanted or even another nights meal. Whatever it is, money is always better in our own pockets than in someone else's... It all started when I used to be a shopaholic. And in ways, I guess I still am... I was living pay check to pay check when I first moved out of home and money didn't mean a thing to me. If I wanted it, I bought it. Now, I have learnt a few very valuable life lessons and I'm doing my very best to save money. I'm very close to having my car loan paid off and now I'm working towards a holiday and being able to study. This isn't to say that I miss out on anything, because I don't. I still buy new things all the time and my pantry is always full!

Never, ever, ever go food shopping on a empty stomach. I have made this mistake so many times... Firstly, you are hangry (hungry and angry) so you're not in a good head space to start with. But because you are hungry you think you need to buy everything that you look at. If you go on a full stomach you can properly rationalise on what you do or don't need. And, therefor, you don't come home owning the whole isle 2!

We all know what we like, and we usually buy the same products each week. For example; hair products, makeup, washing detergent, soaps, cereal... My rule is, unless you can't live without it, don't buy if it is full price. When the washing detergent is half price buy a couple instead of once. I used to buy makeup wipes one pack of 25 for $6.50... Then a couple of months ago there was a sale for a bulk value pack of 3 packs of 25 (75 wipes) for half price for $7. I ended up buying 2 of the packs (150 wipes) and I still have 4 packs left. Point being, if you use something all the time, only buy it when it is on sale and it will save you lots of dollars.

Don't buy it... unless it's on sale or you've been saving up for it. Sometimes this can be the hardest thing to do. But I have saved a lot of money by finding the clothing piece that I like and either a) tell myself that I will think about it and usually I forget and never go back, or b) go home, google the name and brand and I usually find it on another website discounted. I was obsessed with this dress once, and was so close to buying it for $69, but I ended up finding it online for only $30! Since then, unless I really want something or need it now, I wait until it comes one sale. You can also google free shipping discount codes with the shops name and sometimes you can find some good deals! If you are doing this: make sure you write down the name of the brand and the name of the product with the right size.

When you are in need of some new clothes, the best way to do it is to sell your old clothes. There are so many options now, eBay, Gumtree, and even Instagram. Whatever  floats your boat, the money you make off selling them you can put towards something new. Easy!

I didn't know this tip till about a year ago. There is actually times when it is the cheapest to do your washing. This can save you a couple of dollars per load. Which ever electricity company that you are with, have a look on there website and they will have the cheapest times to wash and how much it costs more or less. Usually after 4pm on a Monday to Friday is the most expensive as it is the high impact zone when lots of others are washing at the same time.

It's important that we break our income up, otherwise we have no limits on how much we spend each week. And for me, that is a bad idea because I can and will spend it all. Here is an example if you had $500 a week...
$500 weekly pay
- $140 rent
- $50 car loan
- $20 phone bill ($20 x 4 a month)
- $30 bills (electricity, internet)
- $50 fuel
= $210 left over
Which means you can break that up with $100 allowance of food and $10 a week put away into a separate account for a holiday and you are left with $100 to save each week incase you ever need it. Breaking your bills up buy putting a certain amount away each week is a lot better then getting smacked in the face with $380 bill with no warning and you just spent all your savings on clothes.

How many times have you had a bag full of left over silver coins? I started to throw each day all of my coins into a money tin and it didn't take long at all to fill up. At first I was just putting in silvers and had $114 in a couple of months. Then, I decided to put golds in and made almost $300... And that's just from loose coins floating around. I get it transferred into notes when it is filled and into it's own separate account. This is a great idea for those saving for a car or holiday.

Turning off power points will save you money each bill. Even though device is turned off, there is still electricity running through the power points. Every time you have finished with something, just turn it off. This includes, tv, computer, chargers, toaster, washing machine... There really no point having you're washing machine power point turned on a week or having you tv point on whilst you are asleep. Little things like this all add up!

Cleaning can be so expensive, or it can be so cheap and easy! My first post was on creating your own cleaning products that will save you money. You can spend $5 upwards on each products that only do one thing and a lot of scrubbing, or you can buy 3 different home brand basic cleaners for only around $3 in bulk that do the same thing, if not better! Have a good at my cleaning post for the different mixes.

I will always stand by supporting small and local business. I spend about $15-$20 on fruit and vegetables each week by shopping at farmers markets. It's ludicrous that supermarkets charge $6.99 a kilo for broccoli when you can pick it up at a farmers for $2.99.  Find yourself a decent butcher and fruit stall and you will start spending a lot less money on food. Supermarkets are filled with isles upon isles of food products that we do not need in our day to day life. If you stop buying processed, sugary and salty foods, that's when you will start saving a lot of money and you will feel and look better! I'm going to do a separate post another day on this one showing the difference in money that you can save, so keep an eye out!

I hope this has helped you all learn to save a little more for that special something! There are lots of other ways of your own that you can save money... Track what you spend each week and you will find out where it all goes. Once you find the problem, you can fix it or create a solution.  

Have a good night friends. 

E x

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