The Glorious Avocado

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My love for avocados is never ending. 
There are a endless amount of ways that you can eat the little green bundles of joy. 
Slice, chop, mash,  So, lets talk avo...

Avocados are a amazing for your health. They high in healthy fats, that nuts also contain, which means they're good for you! The healthy fats lower bad cholesterol and they are great for your gut health. There is a whole range of benefits that avocados can do for you as they contain fibre, folate, potassium and vitamin E and K. Pretty much an allrounder fruit!

You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack. The options are unlimited. You can find a huge range of recipes on how to use avocados on Pinterest.
Here are some ideas:
  • Smashed avo on toast or sourdough or any form of fancy bread of your choice then add a topping of chilli flakes, lemon, egg, feta, cheese, baby spinach, vegemite. The list is endless!
  • Replace butter on your sandwiches with avocado. You won't even notice the difference and it's always better to eat good fats instead of bad. 
  • You can replace cream with mashed avocado. Stir through pasta and you have a easy-peesy delicious dish. 
  • Put avocados in smoothies to make them extra delicious and healthy. There are so much recipes online. 
  • Cut an avo in half, remove the pit, crack an egg into it and bake in the oven with cheese. Amazing!
  • Make delicious salads with sliced avo
My favourite is smashed avo on sourdough with crumbed marinated feta, chilli flakes, lemon juice and spinach leaves. Yum!

When avocado is ripe, you don't have long until it goes off. So you can eat it straight away, or you can pour lemon juice on top and hope for the best... The best way to store an avocado is to cut in half, remove the pip and place onto a plate on wet paper towel (just like in the picture below except all facing down). The water will keep the avocado moist and having the avocado upside down keeps it air tight, making it last just a few more days!

It's alway hard to know when an avocado is ready. Here are some tips:
  • The colour: Depending on the type of the avocado, if they are a dark green or black this is a sign that it is ready to eat
  • The texture: If you give them a light squeeze you can feel that the insides are soft and sort of pulling say from the skin 
  • The brown twig: Sometimes they come with a little brown still still attached to the top of the avo. If the stick is loose and can be detached easily this is a good sign  
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, just as much as I have enjoyed writing it. How do you eat your avocado? Do you have any tricks and tips on saving them? 

E x

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