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Saturday, April 25, 2015

I love to online shop. More then shopping in a store... There is no hustle and bustle of pushing clothes on racks around, searching for a good buy. Online shopping is simple. Of course, there is down sides of shopping online like receiving something that looks terrible on you or completely the wrong side. So i'll start off with some tips

  • Get to know what styles suit you. Research your body shape and find out what suits your body the most. Even having a look in your closet and finding your favourite pieces can even show you what styles suit you. For example; if you have lovely curves like me, a dress that pulls in at the waist will suit you a lot more, rather then something with no shape.
  • Know your style. Sometimes I see something I like and think 'I can pull off looking like a rapper', but then I have to pull myself together and remember I it doesn't suit me and I probably will create that look once before looking back on photos and cringing. Find a colour that you like or if someone compliments you, stick to it. No one knows you, better then you!
  • Don't buy something that you can only go with one other thing. You might love it and think that even though it only goes with that one skirt and you think you will get heaps of wear out of it... The reality is that you won't. I will end up sitting in your closet, just like what I have done so, so many times.


- Super speedy delivery
- Pop up sales starting from $14
- Amazing service
-Extremely easy to use, pretty website
-Huge range of brands

I will always remember my first shop with markethq... I found them over a year ago and have love shopping from them since. I bought a beautiful dress on a Wednesday, but needed it by Friday for my friends 21st birthday. I know I probably shouldn't have left it so last minute, but I couldn't find anything that I liked. Anyway, I took a chance and ordered the dress for express delivery, which by the way, was free for orders over $60. The dress arrived by 11am that Friday morning! With a free magazine and a 15% off discount for next time for not only me, but one for a friend too. I couldn't believe it!
Since then I have ordered a lot of clothes from them.
My favourite buys: I have bought a lot of clothing from their pop up sale my favourite 3 where all Minkpink. I got a playsuit was $69 for $14, Jeans was $89 for $19 and a jumper was $69 for &14. Seriously amazing bargains!

-quick delivery
-cheap sales area starting from $20
-easy to shop

There are a few Princess Polly shops around Australia. The two that I have been two in Sydney and Surfers Paradise have been lovely little shops. That have a cheap and amazing clothing and the best part is their sale area! There is always so much on sale and the website and so easy to shop! I have been shopping with princess polly for the last few years.
My favourite buys: I have picked up a few belts for only $10, a Minkpink playsuit that was $60 everywhere else, but I got for $30, and I have bought heaps of cute dresses for only $20- $30

- Great discounts for subscribers
- Incredibly speedy delivery
-Free returns

Surfstitch is one of the biggest online shops. They stock a huge range of brands for men, women and kids. I have bought two swimsuits from them before and received $20 off because my order was over $100. One of the swimsuits didn't fit well and I was able to send them back the swimmers in the packaging and with a returns sticker provided and had the money back in my bank account in a day or two! It was amazing service like I have never had before. Usually I would never return anything because the process is daunting, but it was so simple! The clothes on Surfstitch is a bit over priced compared to other shops with the same stock, but if you sign up to their emails they let you know on really good savings. Defiantly worth it! Also there postage is incredible. I have bought clothing off their site and literally received them the next day.
My favourite buys: Was a 'The horse' watch for my boyfriends birthday that was sold out everywhere online, and I got a discount for being over $100 at the time and received it in a couple of days. And my wonderful swimsuit which I love and wear all the time.


  • Before buying something online, particularly if it is full priced, type in the name of the clothing and brand into google with sale. For example: 'mink pink swimwear sale'. And it is highly possible that you will find the same thing on another website but for cheaper. 
  • Always make sure that the site is secure! Google reviews for the site or usually if the site is good they will have an area with reviews on it, or product reviews. The last thing you would want is someone to rip you off! 
  • Always be careful to triple check the amount that you are being charged, your address and your cards details. 
  • If you are being charged postage: Sometimes it is cheaper to spend $5 and receive it for free if it is over a certain amount. If not google the name of the website withe 'free postage discount codes'. They don't always work or have expired, but defiantly worth a shot!
I hope this has helped. Let me know where you like to shop or tips of your own in the comment box below! Happy shopping. 

E x

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