Saturday, April 25, 2015

You either drink coffee for the caffeine or you just love the taste... Whatever the reason is, I believe that coffee is what brings the world together. We wake up, we have a coffee. We get together, over coffee. In good times and bad times, we drink coffee.
It's one big, warm hug in a mug... 
Coffee one hell of a drink. 

If you are sourcing a nice bag of beans, firstly, do some research. The next time you are in your favourite coffee shop ask them where the beans are from. There are a huge range of places in the world that grow delicious beans. Of course, it's all about how to roast them, but depending on what area and farm that they are from, depends on the type of flavours. Coffee beans can be sweet, nutty, bitter and much more. 
If the coffee is single origin this means that it comes from one place. If it says signature blend, the beans may be from a few different farms with different flavours to create one unique flavour.  It is always best to ask. Know your coffee. Some people don't mind a maccas coffee, but I personally can't think of anything worse! I am regularly called a 'coffee snob' by people I work with. We all know what we like, and if it works for you, then keep it that way. 

There is also a science behind coffee. You can get different flavours and textures by roasting the coffee for a certain time to a certain degrees. Then there is different ways to put texture into the milk, different heating temperatures to brew the coffee, even different grinds. I don't understand this process but I certainly appreciate it! My boyfriend has tried what they call a 'bullet proof coffee'. Which is along the lines that the coffee is brewed with organic butter. As you drink the coffee it takes longer for your body to absorb caffeine because of the butter, therefore, you have an extreme long lasting buzz.
I didn't understand different cups of coffee for a few years. I was simply "I'll have whatever you just ordered" kind of thing. It was pretty intimidating when that person at the counter is staring at you and you have no idea what to order. So I've broken it down for you to understand. You might have been ordering the wrong coffee this whole time, who knows!

Is a shot of coffee... Every cup of coffee is either made from a shot or two of espresso.
A shot of espresso- 2/3 hot water
A shot of espresso with the rest of the cup or mug with hot milk and froth.
Very simliar to a latte: a shot of espresso- hot milk- little froth
One third espresso- one third milk- one third froth- dusted with chocolate.  
The word itself means 'stained'. So a shot of espresso- dash of milk. There should be three layers: black, tan and white. 
Shot of espresso- milk- water- ice. And a frappe is simply the same but with blended ice. 
You can get a range of add-ins to your coffee which includes a whole range of milk or flavourings... Extra hot/ decaffeinated/ soy/ almond milk/ full cream/ vanilla/ caramel/ hazelnut/ chocolate, and the list goes on! 

I could talk about coffee all day... But but I'll finish with what Harry & I drink. 

Harry: Simply a large flat white
Emily: My Favourite is either a mocha which is where a hot chocolate and flat white made a baby.
 Or my all time favourite is a Iced latte (as pictured). 

Happy Saturday. E x

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