Monday, July 24, 2017

I have tried on a million pair of mom jeans... but unfortunately I haven't managed to find a pair that fits me perfectly. You know.. hugs me in all the right places- yet still giving that baggy, vintage style look. Or I'm not sold on the colour or cut. 

This post is how I have taken a high waisted- straight leg jean & turning them into 'mom' style jeans. S0, if you have been op shopping or if you have denim sitting in your draw that doesn't quite fit or you don't like the style then keep on reading! This post will show you how to fix it up. 

A couple of months back I ordered a pair of 'mom' jeans from Pretty Little Thing called the Kendall Jeans. I bought a size 8, knowing that they would probably be a bit big on me as I usually wear a 6 in pants. They where so stupidly cheap... As in I paid no more than $20 for them. 

But if you have a pair from the op shop that you want to learn how to make it fit better- then this DIY is perfect for you. 
All you need to do it yourself is a pair of high waisted jeans with straight fit legs. 

Here are the jeans...

The colour is good. The cut is great.
But I need to fix up the length of the legs & pull it in at the waist as they are a bit too big. 

My waist is alot smaller than my hips, so I knew this would be the case. 

Down below I have a couple of photos that you show what the jeans currently look like. Because the waist is too large, it is causing the crouch to sag & the legs are far too baggy, especially on the knees. 

Whats on Pinterest...
Before I start anything- I want to make sure that I find a image of what I'm looking for. 

There are so many different photos that come up when I search 'mom jeans'. But ultimately, they are all high waisted and are cropped to sit on your ankles. However, the pair of jeans that would best suit the jeans I currently have & what I'm after are from Universal Store and are the A-Brand 94 slim walk away
Now I have something that I am aiming towards. 

As you can see- if I was to sew the jeans in at the waist, all the snagging goes away! 
And If I rolled them/ cut them- they don't look as baggy on the legs. 

Jeans (of course!)

1. Whilst I have the jeans on, I take a rough estimate that the jeans are around 1 inch too big on the waist. Keeping in mind that you must include both sides of the denim. It may look like a 1cm or 2... but whatever you see, double. 

2. Flip the jeans inside-out and lay them down folded flat on the leg

3. Then you are very carefully going to cut down the seam of the leg. Cutting slightly further (about 1-2 cm) down from the band on the waist. 

4. Start threading the needle and sew from about 1-2cm down from where the cut was made. This is where you will make a dart! Making sure that you sew across on an angle as you go.

How easy was that?

As you are about to see below is that after the first stitching- you will see some of the tread poking out of where you have just stitched. To make sure that the stitch won't come undone, repeat step four & restitch it a couple of times or until you know it's secure.

And here I have them on & the first side is looking good! 
Even though it's not exactly straight.. oh well. haha... 

Time to do the other side.

* don't worry if you stitch it too far away. You can always bring it in further as you go. 
It's better if you start off small and work your way out. Especially when completing the other side. You do not want it to be too tight.

Now the top is done- let's move onto the bottoms. 

I'm quite short, so finding jeans that fit my legs perfectly is always a problem for me. I have always found that if I buy a pair of cropped jeans, they are the perfect full length on me. 

p.s you can defiantly tell that I'm Australian because I have top gaps from growing up wearing thongs (flip flops) 24/7. Or is this normal thing? haha...

As you can see here- I needed to adjust the bottom of the legs. 
When they are folded up a couple of times, they make the legs a bit too baggy.

So for this, all I did was cut them straight across- making sure that they are still quite cropped, but I can also roll them up.

I hope you enjoyed this post & can fix up a pair of jeans yourself!

Let me know in the comments box if you enjoy seeing post like this. 

Big love, Em xx 

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