Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This DIY post is how to make the easiest earring/ jewellery holder at home- without any kind of tools or hardware items. 
Basically out of nothing. Literally. 

I'm laughing whilst writing this.... It's such a 'Emily' thing to do. Last Thursday, I got home from work and suddenly got the urge to make a earring holder. I was so over having earrings scattered in little trinkets around my bedroom & bathroom. 
So I grabbed a photo frame & put myself to work. 

So if you are looking for the EASIEST tutorial ever- that requires no skills, no instructions... (maybe just a bit of common sense)... Then look no further! 

Ok- so cleary by now you would have noticed that nothing about the jewellery holder that I made is perfect... But let's be clear: I didn't measure out anything or use any proper tools- such as a nail or hammer. 
I used whatever I could find at home. 
So, with that being said- it's begin! 

-what you need-
1x photo frame... old, new, big, small- it doesn't matter. 
1x nail (or needle, or pin)
1x hammer (or knife!)

*I used whatever frame I could find at home... the one I used was empty. It's probably a bit too big, but any size will work!* 

*ALSO: I made this without a nail & knife. 
I didn't have either of them so I carefully used a needle pin thingy-me-bob & used a flat knife to very lightly knock down. It worked out fine for me- but you have to be super careful using a pin not to stab yourself or slip using the knife. This is where the common sense part comes in haha.... 

-what to do- 

Step one: Being super careful- use a butter knife (or something smarter & safer) & lift up the small tabs that hold the photo frame together. Then take out everything inside (the glass & cardboard)... you should be left with just the frame & the pegboard. 

*If you don't want the pegboard to be the natural brown colour, now is a great time to give it a coat of paint in a colour of your choice. 

Step two: (OPTIONAL)  If you like things to be a bit straighter, use the back of the board to measure out straight lines, using a pencil, and mark where you would like the holes to be placed. 

 Step three: now that you are left with the empty peg board (and possibly marked out)- take your nail (or needle/pin) and hammer (flat knife). This is the part where you are going to lightly hammer the nail into the board to make some holes...
Lightly tap the nail down onto the board, then once pierced through- give the nail a little wriggle around and pull it out. You should have a small hole to place the earring into. 

Step four: Keep piercing the board until you have your desired amount of holes, or completed the board. 

Step five: Once completed, you can pop the board back into the frame & secure by sealing up the black tabs flat. 
And voila- all done! 

How easy!

(as you can see i have ALOT of extra room- but I still have plenty more to add)


I hope you enjoyed your post! 

Comment below if you would like to see me make anything else, have any suggestions or to say HELLO! I would love to hear from you. 

Have a happy day- Em x 

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